Pursue Purpose Through Passion

The top people in any field love what they do, so we’ve created an environment underpinned by the drivers of intrinsic motivation so we attract, retain and motivate top talent. 

Freedom. Ownership. Mastery

CEO and Founder, Callum Negus-Fancey, explaining the three core drivers of our culture

Freedom &

Everyone is responsible for delivering results in the best way.

We help everyone understand the context of how they fit into the larger goals of the company, but give everyone total freedom over how to add value.

Choose when and where you work

Take the amount of holiday you need

Only attend meetings where you give or receive value

Have access to all company information


We want everyone to leave the company 10x better than when they joined

We believe everyone is most fulfilled and do their best work when they find that intersection between what they love doing and what they’re the best at. We help everyone discover that crossover, develop it and excel!

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What makes us

Diversity at Pollen

Female Employees
Ethnic Minorities
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*A different way of processing the world, such as dyslexia, ADHD or Aspergers



We invest in coaching

The number one thing people ask for is development, so we focus heavily on coaching as a way of making individuals and teams perform at their best.


We build culture through events

As a fast-growing, globally-distributed company we invest heavily in events in order to create a strong sense of community that supports our culture.

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We have a culture that supports parents

We understand that you can’t have a real impact in your work if you aren’t balanced. We don’t believe anyone should have to choose between having a job they love and being a parent. We think people produce better work when they have it all.

More About Parenting at Pollen

We made pay transparent

In 2018, after consulting with the whole company, we became fully pay transparent. Our reasons included empowering teams with information in order to make better decisions, and being part of the fight to close the gender and racial pay gap.

More About Pay Transparency


We Structure for Agility

We use a squads model. Squads are cross-functional teams which are highly focused on a time-bound mission.  

More About Squads

What are you
passionate about?

At Pollen, we help everyone find the intersection between what they love and what they’re best at. 

To see if we have a role which could be a good fit for you, check our current vacancies!

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