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Verve Acquires Campus Vacations for $7M

Pay Transparency is Verve’s Solution to the Pay Gap

Verve Acquires JusCollege for $25M

Fans Earn Everything from Free Tickets to Golden Toilets

30 Under 30 with $14M+ in Funding

Verve Gives Employees The Freedom To Choose Their Hours

How Verve’s Founder Learned His Culture From Video Games



Who You Are And What You Do: James Spry-Leverton, Engineering Manager

POLLEN: What is your role and what does that involve? JAMES: My role is Engineering Manager. It’s a new role […]

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We Are Family: Parenting at Pollen

Freedom and Ownership allows everyone, parents or not, to have control over their own lives and work in a way […]

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My first three months as a Junior Software Engineer

Ever felt anxious or stressed when starting a new job, unsure what to expect or how you’ll be welcomed? I […]

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Engineering Internships at Pollen

Internships have always been important to Pollen, especially for brands such as JusCollege which offers interns a unique opportunity to […]

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