Building Culture Through Events

Effective teams are built on strong personal connections

We believe in order to become a high-performing company it’s important that we’re close to and trust each other. Growing quickly across different countries and time zones inevitably makes this harder, so we invest in events that enable us to spend quality time together every year.

Our Annual

The Company Retreat

This year we took over Osea Island in the UK for a week packed with activities such as obstacle courses, football zorbing, karaoke, speed-dating and wine and cheese tasting. The setup on the island facilitated whatever work we choose to do – as always, it’s totally up to each person.


The Scavenger Hunt

Once a year the whole company takes part in a scavenger hunt at the same time, with teams forming in all our major offices and uploading videos of themselves completing challenges in real-time. In this Scavenger Hunt, they battled to win rewards later in the year and their place at a new Fraternity: Kappa Upsilon.


Company Getaways

We run company trips together such as ski trips and festivals. Its a great opportunity to spend time with your teammates in a different environment away from day-to-day projects.   



Can you solve a real challenge facing our company in just 24 hours? Our annual hackathon is an opportunity to do something a bit different, with people you don’t always get to work with and  win an awesome prize — as well as major kudos and bragging rights.


Regular Activities

Once a month the whole company parties to one unified theme, wherever they are. This year we’ve done everything from white water rafting and cocktail-making classes, to karaoke and fancy dress!

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