How We Innovate Through Squads

We have 200+ people around the world — and we’re still growing.

This growth affords us a lot of benefits – it means we can do more things at once, and have more diverse perspectives across the company. However, smaller teams offer some benefits too — such as being more focused and agile when tackling specific challenges. 

Organisational design for some companies is a straightforward process. However, because our unique culture emphasises freedom we need an approach which supports our overarching goals while still enabling collaboration.

Ultimately, we want to retain the benefits of being small even as we continue to grow. That’s why we’ve created a structure of Squads which can operate within the business independent from larger teams.

Squads are distinct from the departmental teams which make up most of our company. Unlike larger teams, which continuously tackle multiple objectives at once, Squads solve a specific business challenge and have a clearly defined goal. Once that goal is achieved, the squad disbands.

Our Squads are also multi-discipline and bring together people from many departments, such as Engineering, Design, Marketing and Business Intelligence. This ensures that the Squad, guided by a single Squad Leader, can work without relying on or pulling resource from anywhere else.

This structure enables us to drive amazing results by bringing specialists together to focus on a big problem with the ability to leverage the resources of the rest of the organization   

Since introducing the concept of Squads earlier this year we’ve seen some incredible successes. We’ve formed squads to tackle challenges such as prototyping new products and even how we on-board new team members.

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