The Pollen Magazine

Every month we publish a company magazine to share news, welcome new starters and celebrate our culture of freedom, ownership and mastery.

Running since January 2018 and written entirely by us, this is where you can see the full story of our company…even back to when it (and the magazine) were called Verve!

Aug / Sept 2019

It’s the Rebrand Issue! In this bumper issue we explain why we changed from Verve to Pollen. Also look forward to the following great articles…

  • Meet The Lifestylez Team
  • Our Amazing, Immersive Onboarding Experience
  • Introducing: Our Investors

July 2019

It’s the Lock-in Issue, with photos from our monthly office event. Find out if the UK team survived the Olympic rafting course, plus…

  • Travel packages launch on Pollen
  • Client Spotlight: Tinderbox Festival
  • WTF Is…A Product Team

June 2019

The Cover Star Issue, where we announce who won our company-wide competition and who the best dogs in the company are. Also…

  • The Engineering Hiring Process/li>
  • Spotlight on Therapy at Pollen
  • Client Spotlight on We Are FSTVL

May 2019

The Retreat Special! Find out what happened at our company retreat in California, which included activities such as…

  • Speed Dating
  • Dodgeball
  • Rope Swings

April 2019

The Scavenger Hunt Issue! We announce the winners and our favourite photos from our annual competition, as well as…

  • Spotlight on our Nordic Team
  • Behind The Scenes: The Scavenger Hunt
  • The Wroclaw Office

March 2019

The Travel Issue! Find out about our bi-annual company ski trips for the US and UK, in addition to…

  • Tips for Remote Working at Pollen
  • Our EU Ambassador Strategy
  • Spring Break Fashion Guide

February 2019

It’s the Parenting Issue! Find out about how our culture of Freedom and Ownership empowers families to find a strong work/life balance. Also…

  • Meet Ben Sanders: The EVP Who Works In His Sleep
  • How Holidays Work at Pollen
  • Questionable CEO Fashion Choices

January 2019

The Hackathon Issue! Find out what went down at our 2019 Hackathon, where we all take a day to creatively solve company challenges. Plus…

  • Dog Days: Who Is The Bestest Boy In The Office?
  • Meet Tech’s Top Secret Teams
  • What Happened at Cabo Spring Break?

December 2018

It’s the Christmas Issue! Find out what one of our legendary Christmas parties looks like in each office, plus…

  • Leadership Feedback & Development
  • Meet The Campus Vacations Team
  • Our Ice-skating Lock-in

October 2018

It’s (Another) Acquisition Issue! Find out why we acquired Campus Vacations, what’s happening in our first Canadian office, and…

  • Why We Offer Therapy
  • Behind the Scenes at ADE
  • Why Coaching Matters To Us

September 2018

Our First Cover Star Issue! Find out all about our cover star Rob Kirberich and how he won the company-wide poll to grace these pages. Also…

  • The Brighton Tech Team Retreat
  • See Our Las Vegas Office
  • Why Do We Have An Ant Farm?

August 2018

It’s The Festival Issue! Find out how and why we’ve launched Pollen Lounges for members at some of the UK’s top music festivals. But that’s not all…

  • How We’re Restructuring The Company
  • The Cocktail & Karaoke Lock-in
  • The Bounty Hunter Referral Process

July 2018

It’s the Mastery Issue! Find out about our cultural pillar of Mastery, what it means and how our coaches bring it to life. Also…

  • How Does The Way We Work, Work?
  • The (First) Water Lock-in
  • Frequently Asked Questions

June 2018

The Retreat Issue! Find out all about what happened at Osea Island, the private island where we hosted our 2018 company retreat…

  • Zorb Football and Other Games!
  • Fire-walking and Fancy Dress!
  • Scary Movies and Psychadelic Parties!

May 2018

The Scavenger Hunt Issue! And The Hackathon Issue! This was a bumper month for our teams, so read on to find out…

  • WTF Is A Hackathon Anyway?
  • Who Won The Scavenger Hunt?
  • Where Was Our First Pollen Lounge?

April 2018

The Newspaper Issue! To celebrate the acquisition of JusCollege, we printed this issue as a full newspaper and collector’s item. Read on to find out about…

  • The Power of Purpose & What Ours Is
  • All About Advocacy & What It Means
  • How The Company Got Started

March 2018

It’s the “Oh Sh*t” Issue! Find out what our company swearword is, why it’s important to have one and all manner of other things, including…

  • Meet All 160 People In The Company
  • Find Out What Each Team Does
  • How We Celebrated Our First Merger

February 2018

It’s The Party Issue! Find out all about our first company ski trips, why we offer them and how they work. This issue also includes…

  • UK Team Go-Karting Results
  • Why We Have Monthly Office Lunches
  • Membership Cards for Pollen Founders

January 2018

It’s The Launch Issue! Read all about what it was like to launch Pollen and what our goals were for the first 12 months. Also read about…

  • Our Eurosonic Festival Experience
  • How Remote Working Works For Us
  • A Day In The Life of Nic Huzella